For Granted

by Delphi Rising



Defining the undefinable, Delphi Rising mixes up a steaming stew of cross-genre experience in its debut album "For Granted". From punk-influenced hit-and-runs to hard rock guitar workouts. From a British Invasion "mod" sound to a slower tempo, piano and horn ballad about love in a post-apocalyptic globally-warmed world. From blues to a southwestern epic with Dylan and Dead influences. The 2010 album combines the talents of four long-time Austin, Texas musicians--Walter Ehresman (lead guitar, keyboard), James Rader (drums), Vic Ramirez (guitar, lead vocals), and Lee Vickers (bass)--each taking a turn at writing the music and lyrics.

Delphi Rising recombines members from previous Austin projects--Walt Ehresman and Vic Ramirez of Snipe Hunt and James Rader and Lee Vickers, with Ramirez, of Rain on Mars. Ehresman's broad songwriting background can be heard on the hard-rocking "Nocturnal" and "Your Bullshit's Got No Legs No More", as well as Steely Dan-influenced "That Summer Sun" and the Dylanesque Spanish guitar-tinged western ballad "The Road to Boquillas".

Ramirez drives a hard line with his songs "Girl Like You" and "You Might Grow to be the President", yet shows diversity with the jangly, more pop stylings of "Jenny" and the dusty, dynamic border rock of "For Granted."

Vickers shows his unique compositional style with "Right Here, Right Now", "All Alone", "Forget the Season", and his blues leanings with "There's Some Things".

Rader's contribution, "Henna Tattoo", sounds like a chart-topping single from London circa 1966, and it rounds out the retro-pop feeling of the middle section of the album.

The musical abilities of all of the band are displayed in the various tracts. Ehresman takes over the bass while Vickers plays guitar on "Right Here, Right Now" and "Forget the Season". Ehresman also adds keyboard throughout the album. Special attention was given to constructing effective vocal harmonies as the CD was recorded. Even though Ramirez lays down the majority of the lead vocals (with Ehresman leading on "Bullshit" and "Summer Sun"), all of the other members track background vocals as well. Special guest sax players, Matt Kennon and Kevin Mullin, create a depth of beautiful melancholy on "That Summer Sun" elegy for the world.

All tracks except "All Alone" were recorded at Million Dollar Sound Studios in Austin, produced by Austin music scene mainstay Kurtis Machler with assistance from Ehresman. The name Delphi Rising is a reference to the rising levels of superstition in America and the concurrent abandonment of reason, trending us away from the rest of the "First World".


released February 1, 2009

Delphi Rising: Walter Ehresman, James Rader, Vic Ramirez, Lee Vickers.

Album produced by Kurtis Machler, with Walter Ehresman, at Million Dollar Sound, Austin, Tx (except "All Alone", produced by Walter Ehresman with Snipe Bog Mobile).

p. 2009 Ehresman/Rader/Ramirez/Vickers



all rights reserved


Walter Ehresman San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Called "the quintessential Austin DIY artist" by famed local disc jockey Charlie Martin , Walter Ehresman was an eccentric presence in the Austin music scene from the '80s until his 2015 move to Mexico. A prolific songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist...and a restless musical spirit, always looking for something new, expressed with fearlessly honest lyric-writing. ... more

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Track Name: Nocturnal
(© 2008 Walter Ehresman)

Bone-creeper, alligator with a special eyeball right on you;
Root-slipper, stone tripper, and there really ain’t that much you can do.
Night’s falling, and you’re stalling, but you know you got to step ‘cross that line;
Knees shaking, but you’re making some decisions that could change that in time.

Nocturnal–a creature of the night;
They call me nocturnal–you cannot use those things you bring from the light.

All the places that you roam in the day ain’t the same when Amun drops from the sky,
and all the pathways that your feet like to walk will not lead you to the same lullaby.
Heresy, but I think you’ll agree, when your vision starts to warmly grow,
that bat time leaves you feeling so fine, and you’ll come to fear that Eastern glow.

Track Name: Your Bullshit's Got No Legs No More
Your Bullshit’s Got No Legs No More
(©2009 Walter Ehresman)

Bet you thought I’d gone to ground;
Pitchforks running me from town;
An angry mob riled up by you,
with the tar and the feathers covering up the truth.
But a full moon’s comin’ from behind the clouds,
and a bright yellow light puts the kibosh on your crowd.

Your possie’s gettin’ all worn down;
The trail’s gone cold and there’s no comfort to be found;
You burned my name into the noose,
but your cute little daughter came and cut me loose;
And the townsfolk seem to have a change of heart,
and they’re lookin’ real hard at where the whole thing started.

Your bullshit’s got no legs no more;
Your bullshit’s just walked out the door;
Now we got the truth filter strapped around your brain,
and we can’t help but notice that you got nothin’ left to say.

You blew your whistle to call up your troops;
but the barracks are empty, and the coop–it done flew;
And the buzz out on the street is that the whole thing stinks,
with a great deal of shrinkage of who cares what you think.
They say “karma’s a bitch,” and now they know you are too,
And a full load of justice has just dropped on you.
Track Name: Henna Tattoo
Henna Tattoo
(© 2009 James Rader)

You were making me
Wander in the dark
Looking for your highheeled footprints.
You were making me
Open up my eyes
Hoping for some cheap distraction.

But I was your henna tattoo
I faded away.
I was your pop screen idol
I lasted a day.

You were keeping me
Way up past the late show
Getting high to watch the sunrise.
You were keeping me
In your back left pocket
Dragged me out to every dirty venue.

But when it came right down to
Staying with me.
Grinding gears went faster than
Some in the lead.

You were driving me
All across the city
Searching for the last guy you remembered.
You were driving me
Way out past the breakpoint
Farther than the stoplights and the junkyards.

You were leaving me
Standing in the alley
Watching as you drifted past my window.
You were leaving me
When I started finding
Everything I couldn’t do without you.

Track Name: That Summer Sun
That Summer Sun
(© 2009 Walter Ehresman)

I pick you up at midnight—and such a sight to see:
your skin so white and glowing; your lips as red as history.
I know a place where Ehrlich said some food shipped in today,
so buckle up baby, and let’s go.

We’ll take the 207 (there’s some trouble on the 9);
Put in the song we heard that night, where we danced (your hand in mine);
I love you in this moment, and whatever more may come;
I wish that things were not this way.

We live our lives out on the streets
beneath that phasing moon;
We’ve scaled our goals and trimmed our dreams—
we mad and happy few;
And when the colors
sneak up on the darkest night,
We run and hide from that summer sun;

Oh, I never thought we’d be underground;
Things have really gone south in this town;
“Mind the gap,” they say......

“Oh, my love, can you feel it? A breeze cools down the air.”
Our clothes, they fly into the back; your eyes, devil-may-care.
Our fingers barely touching—laid out to shed a few degrees;
Maybe we should go on back inside.


[chorus, version #2]
We live our lives out on the streets
Beneath that phasing moon;
We’ve scaled our goals and trimmed our dreams—
we mad and happy few;
Now the planet is broken,
it lasts the whole year long;
We run and hide from that summer sun
Track Name: The Road to Boquillas
The Road to Boquillas
(© 2008 Walter Ehresman)

On May 27, we cinched up the bags and turned south in the hot Texas wind;
Juan Vasquez hung back and he said with a grin, “My old friend, so we do this again?”.
And we rode through the night, then laid up in the day in a gulch just this side of Pearsall;
And Mono sang love songs while deep in mescal, but somehow we avoided patrols.

I’d dreamed of betrayal and dark rain approaching and sensing erosion of time;
So I sent out the word to our far-scattered band for some work (with some fun on the side).
We’d all been here before, through the lies and the war, and the speeches of men steeped in gall;
And some of us think of the way things have gone, and then some of us don’t think at all.

Down at The Pagoda, the bottles lay stacked and the night was too close to the day;
Hidalgo and Boni came down from upstairs with no money and not much to say;
But another girl looked as tall Boni walked by, then she grabbed him where business is done;
So he traded his jacket with a wink and a smile and went back for more use of his gun.

When light rimmed the mountains, we crawled from the bar; Federales, they drove us from town;
And Mono and Vasquez, they dragged Willie out, with Hidalgo nowhere to be found.
And back at the border, we looked worse for wear, but the guard barely opened his eyes;
“We all come from Sweden,” I said with a grin, and that hombre, he waved us on by!

In Piedras Negras, we met with Morales to pick up the primer and cord;
Juan Vasquez worked out on Morales a bit so that he’d be a man of his word.
In the desert, their camp was sure not hard to find, with the lights and the dogs and the wire;
But Mono crept through like a smoke in the night, and the whole damn thing blossomed in fire!

Northwest through El Moral and on past Jimenez we followed the river through June;
Got soaked in the crossings, and dry in the walking, and laid low beneath too much moon.
They sent out the choppers, and doubled patrols, but there was not a trace to be found;
We feasted on catfish beside Amistad, and slept in mesquite far from towns.

Willie went out as the sun burned away, to scout out some difficult ground;
When he got back from Langtry, his face had gone crooked and we had to help our friend sit down;
The smell was all wrong, but he’d crept slowly on, and saw 26 shapes up ahead;
When he brought his light in, “Fortune Favors the Bold” was carved in the chests of the dead.

Our faces turned grim as we set out again, ‘cross the Sierra del Carmen so dry;
Now we rode through the open, ‘cause everyone knows that nobody comes through this alive;
The road to Boquillas was splattered in blood and the stares of men who don’t look back;
And though our own band felt we tread the right path, still the writing was faint on the map.

The bites and the stings may not bring the beast down, and a man can’t hold back the high tide;
But when history’s written, please hold back a page for the men who were willing to try.