The Best of​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​Chill

by Walter Ehresman



2017 marks 30 years of recording his songs for release out into the world and, to celebrate this milestone, Walter Ehresman is releasing a series of "Best of......" compilations throughout the year, organized by style and mood. They draw from the over 200 songs he has written and released, across 16 solo and four band albums, between 1987 and 2017. No song will be repeated across any of the collections.

As those of you familiar with his prodigious output know, Ehresman tends to jump genres on pretty much every song on any given album. As he said in February of 2017, "....This is because I take the musical inspiration as it comes, and also have just never wanted to release an entire album of songs all in the same genre, with the exception of 2007’s experimental dark ambient album “The A.D.G. Project” (, written for use with a large art installation at Burning Man that year).......Like many musicians, I rarely think of genre at all when I write and record.....I just pursue the idea wherever it leads, and in the end it 'is what it is,' as they say.

"I never have a good answer when asked by people: 'Oh, you’re a songwriter…..what kind of songs do you write?'...... Some songs are in recognizable styles, and some I frankly don’t what genre you’d put them in. But given all that, I think all my songs can be sorted out into a few general categories that have as much to do with mood as with a recognizable genre."

Nine compilations are planned, and this sixth one is a collections of songs to listen to while chilling out, whether with your feet up at sundown, cold beer on the patio table next to you, or laying back on the couch late at night. While the pieces on this compilation touch on styles from exotica to world music to downtempo to singer/songwriter, the mood throughout is chill. So relax, prop those feet up, and enjoy.


released August 1, 2017

--produced and compiled by Walter Ehresman.

p. 2017. Snipe Bog Records. All rights reserved.
© as indicated at each work.

--solo albums: "Honor in the Swine?" ('89); "In the Path of the Cat Chasers" ('90); "Split Brain Theory" ('91); "The Blue Shoat Special" ('96); the spoken-word "The Rants" ('97); "Handwedge from the Trap" ('99); “Le Cafard“ (’01); "The Feral Rugby Team Must GO!" ('03); "No Unifying Theme" ('04); "March, Scream or Cry" ('07); "The ADG Project" ('07); "Monkey Paw Situation" ('09); “Well…..Let‘s Look at Your Track Record, Shall We?” (’10); “Life Outside the Tent“ (’12); “Blue-Eyed Devils” (’14); “Pinches Topes” (’16); "The Best of.......Singer/Songwriter" ('17); "The Best of........World Music" ('17); "The Best of.......Party Mix" ('17); "The Best of......Hard Rockers" ('17); "The Best of.......Electronic Rockers" ('17); and "The Best of......Chill" ('17).

--with Snipe Hunt: "We'll Be Right Back!" ('99); "Dirty Ditties and Cover Tunes" ('00); and "I Saw the Future (But the Damn Train Hit Me Just the Same)" ('02).

--with Los Platos: “Oh, No” EP (’08).

--with Delphi Rising: “For Granted” (‘10)



all rights reserved


Walter Ehresman San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Called "the quintessential Austin DIY artist" by famed local disc jockey Charlie Martin , Walter Ehresman was an eccentric presence in the Austin music scene from the '80s until his 2015 move to Mexico. A prolific songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist...and a restless musical spirit, always looking for something new, expressed with fearlessly honest lyric-writing. ... more

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Track Name: Deep Tiki
Deep Tiki
(© 2008 Walter Ehresman)
Track Name: Only On Islands Like This
Only On Islands Like This
(© 2003 Walter Ehresman)

When we walked in the bar down in Malakula,
and the band felt a groove, and the room seemed to move,
and a certain smell hung in the air;
–only on islands like this.

In our corner rattan, with my all-over tan,
and the sound of the sea as you whispered to me,
and I felt time could not wake to care.
–only on islands like this

Aaahhhhhh, feel the Scorpion’s sting;
Aaahhhhhh, as your ears start to ring.

When the glow hit the waves, and we fled from the day,
to the bungalow room where we kissed in the gloom,
and with knee bent my shoe hit the floor;
–only on islands like this
Track Name: One Morning in SMA
One Morning in SMA
(© 2015 Walter Ehresman)
Track Name: Fikriye, Dancing Alone
Fikriye, Dancing Alone
(© 2002 Walter Ehresman)
Track Name: Eres Mi Alma (You Are My Soul)
Eres Mi Alma (You Are My Soul)
(© 2015 Walter Ehresman)

If you climb high enough, the air is crystal in the sun;
--The lower haze is stripped away.
If you stare long enough, out where the ocean disappears;
--Your better self will find a way.

These things are simple truths, so natural—
we wonder—why did it take so long
to find ourselves arriving into that easy moment
as I watched you sing your song?

And now I’ve climbed that mountain;
Stared long into that sea;
Drank deeply from your clear eyes;
Found where I’m meant to be.

Eres mi alma; co’mo me gustaria ser;
--Nos reunimos tan naturalmente;
Una luz para todo lo que es posible;
--El futuro es un regalo para mi.

You are my soul; how I wish to be;
--We came together so naturally.
A light for all that’s possible;
--The future is a gift to me.

But when I sit alone—I wonder: do you still think of me?
The endless forces of this world make time a scarcity.
But I know you try (and you know I try), and we’ll work our way on through;
The thing that does not change is the love I feel for you.

Track Name: Club Moon
Club Moon
(© 2001 Walter Ehresman)

Club Moon............swim out on the dusty ocean;
Club Moon............offer up that magic potion;
Club Moon............come pursue that pink commotion;
Club Moon............Oh, Club Moon.
Track Name: Day of the Downtrodden
Day of the Downtrodden
(© 2010 Walter Ehresman)

When meaning’s raped from language, and
the people can’t distinguish, so they
eat the turd they’re given, smile and
take no further umbrage, while their
masters sneer and snicker in the
triple-guarded penthouse, and they
toast the foolish masses, and the
flame of mankind flickers.

And the Mad Men from 5th Avenue
look down upon their business, and they
shake hands at this pinnacle of
form perverting truth, and then they
snort another line from off a
tongueless Russian child-bride, and they
lean back fat and sassy
on their psychopathic joyride.

Rusty chains drag ‘cross the floor;
Hooded eyes forgotten by the light;
Someone screams from up ahead–
a vengeful wind comes tearing from the night;
Your memory flickers to a time without shackles,
and you find a blood-red strength in all the
things that you’d forgotten, and the
velvet rope is trampled on the Day of the Downtrodden.

The Lexus wheel is spinning, in the
heat from all the fires, and the
metal clicks in tempo to the
master pinned and screaming, and the
camera pulls to wide-screen, and we
see across the city--all the
serfs and all the vassals have
reclaimed their sense of meaning.

How will history absorb this?, when the
economic slavery finally
broke the camel’s spine, and then we
saw the naked avarice;
Now heads are on the flagpoles, and
some scenes are quite medieval, but you
know some sins are bigger than
forgiving hearts can hold.
Track Name: Napoleon in the Desert (a village bites the dust)
Napoleon In the Desert
(© 2003 Walter Ehresman)

Things were good, then;
Things were fine;
But he wants to be better known.
He flew too high, now;
Put name in lights;
Served up his worker drones.

Napoleon, he go
to the desert
to start a new campaign;
Don’t go askin’
what he’s doing, soldier–
information flows one way.

His experts told him
“Don’t go too far”;
He shouted down everyone;
He saw his footprints
down in the dust,
then marched us out in the sun.

His sea was calmer
some time ago,
before his Josie went North;
But she’s been gone, now,
his pearl, it grows, now,
and like Athena bursts forth.

Sun is blazin’;
Wind is hot;
Now he stands all alone.
The troops, they’ve left, now–
gone in the night;
Short man testosterone.
Track Name: How Hot Are Those Coals?
How Hot Are Those Coals?
(© 2010 Walter Ehresman)

The beautiful thing about “theory” is the place that it lives in our heads;
But when it hatches like Pallas Athena, you may wish that you’d stayed in your bed.
–but won’t you hold on to me?;
–if you do, I will hold on to you;
‘Cause people can fall when the earth opens up;
and there ain’t always warning when skies start to drop;
and this life can be brutal when our fears start to run;
but with our love unbroken, we can bask in the sun
–in the sun.

The most wonderful thing about “wishes” is they fly on such speculative wings;
But when ethereal forms get more solid, you may be forced to sort out some things.
–so won’t you hold on to me?;
–if you do, I will hold on to you;
‘Cause formulas fail when we’re from the neck down;
and everyone’s strange when you’re new to this town;
and you cannot predict what your heart will infer;
but with our love unbroken, there are no other words.
–other words.
Track Name: Delphi Rising - That Summer Sun
That Summer Sun
(© 2009 Walter Ehresman)

I pick you up at midnight—and such a sight to see:
your skin so white and glowing; your lips as red as history.
I know a place where Ehrlich said some food shipped in today,
so buckle up baby, and let’s go.

We’ll take the 207 (there’s some trouble on the 9);
Put in the song we heard that night, where we danced (your hand in mine);
I love you in this moment, and whatever more may come;
I wish that things were not this way.

We live our lives out on the streets
beneath that phasing moon;
We’ve scaled our goals and trimmed our dreams—
we mad and happy few;
And when the colors
sneak up on the darkest night,
We run and hide from that summer sun;

Oh, I never thought we’d be underground;
Things have really gone south in this town;
“Mind the gap,” they say......

“Oh, my love, can you feel it? A breeze cools down the air.”
Our clothes, they fly into the back; your eyes, devil-may-care.
Our fingers barely touching—laid out to shed a few degrees;
Maybe we should go on back inside.


[chorus, version #2]
We live our lives out on the streets
Beneath that phasing moon;
We’ve scaled our goals and trimmed our dreams—
we mad and happy few;
Now the planet is broken,
it lasts the whole year long;
We run and hide from that summer sun
Track Name: For Sarah, To the West
For Sarah, To the West
(© 2002 Walter Ehresman)
Track Name: Lady Sky
Lady Sky
(© 2009 Walt Ehresman)

Through the thunderhead--a sunbeam shining,
and our Lady Sky is flying;
Hope or guardian? (An angel sometimes);
Love to see her up there gliding.

It's a world of accidents, and things we can't control;
And who hasn't wished for someone to walk with us down the rabbit hole.

See her stride through the blinding blizzard;
See her walk out of a raging sea;
See her crawl out from the deepest abyss;
See her always be there for me.
See her heart so big, it folds my space/time;
See her arms so wide, the world is smiling;
See her eyes so bright, Calcutta glistens;
See us walking in the daylight laughing.

Through the thunderhead--a sunbeam shining,
and our Lady Sky is flying;
Hope or guardian? (An angel sometimes)
Love to see her up there gliding.
See her stride through the blinding blizzard;
See her walk out of a raging sea;
See her crawl out from the deepest abyss;
See her always be there for me.
Track Name: I'm Ready
I'm Ready
(© 2011 Walter Ehresman)
Track Name: BONUS TRACK: Echo Down the Years--version #2
Echo Down the Years
(© 2009 Walter Ehresman)

In a time, so far from now, they'll look back on us here
and wonder how a love could grow in such a fallow ground;
But from those dusty pages, there's a light that shines so clear--
that legendary love we found.

Starlight twinkles overhead long after the star is gone;
Ripples cross the ocean to a distant shore at dawn;
Messages in bottles drift off to eyes not yet born--
So our love will echo down the years.

From that time of turmoil, in a land so in decline--
scholars sift through remnants and they try to read the signs;
Looking for some spark to show a moment so sublime--
So our love will echo down the years.

Memories may fade
of ordinary things;
Men and their fortunes fall to ruin.
But your eyes of blue still shine a way to better days,
and prove the best things, in the end, endure.

In that fragile future, for the people that remain,
hope for inspiration is the treasure sought to gain;
Rekindling those hearts to find the strength to start again--
So our love will echo down the years.
Track Name: BONUS TRACK: The Anthem for the Ladonian Gov. Ministry of the Native American Tribes of Arizona
The Anthem of the Ladonian Ministry of the Native American Tribes of Arizona (© 2003 Walter Ehresman